We are thrilled that we can use Open Magic as a means for sharing the magic of the many talented healers, practitioners, witches, and more of the world! Below you can learn more about the guests we have had a pleasure with chatting with along with the episode they were featured in. Give us a listen and let us know if you have anyone you want to see us feature!

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The Magic of Embodiment with Yarrow Magdalena

Yarrow Magdalena is a queer writer, pleasure activist, body worker, celebrant and plant lover who supports soft folks in reclaiming embodiment and a connection to nature through everyday magic and ritual.

Her practices around folk herbalism, tarot, journaling, movement and creative expression are meant to support a trauma informed and accessible path towards body liberation, self-acceptance and community. In addition to running her The Magic of Embodiment membership and offering custom readings and rituals she also hosts Daydreaming Wolves – a podcast for dreamers who are into authentic conversations about healing, everyday struggles and everyday magic.

Yarrow also runs a web design + tech studio called Yarrow Digital which supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms made to hold big dreams and beautiful communities. 


Ancestral Healing & Inherited Trauma with Lisa Nagel from Wild Sensitive Souls

A message from lisa!

“Hey, I’m so excited to talk with Bri and Gina on OPEN MAGIC PODCAST about all things inherited trauma and ancestral healing. I loved sharing about the cosmic healing cocoon and the small steps we can take to begin this journey in a trauma informed way. I’d love to support you too, if you feel like there’s some inherited trauma, personal trauma, ancestral trauma that needs tending to and healing. So grateful for this deeply nourishing conversation - I hope you enjoy it too ❤️”