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In this inaugural minisode you'll be introduced to us as the hosts, learn about our backgrounds, our reasons for starting Open Magic, and what to expect from the show!

This is a community-driven podcast built around the ethos of learning from one another. If you have any suggestions for episodes or want to be featured as an expert, reach out to us via our website, openmagicpodcast.com, Twitter, or Instagram! We look forward to hearing from you!

Reclaiming Intention Setting


In this episode we dive into the wild and wonderful world of intention setting, exploring how we can use mindful intentions in our magical practices. We explore the intersection of intentions and planning and discuss ways to sidestep guilt and pressure. And finally, we share our intention-setting practices through the use of sigils, meditation, and spell work.

Affordable Magic


This episode is all about easily accessible and affordable magic tools & techniques. Here, we dive into our favorite ways to practice magic on a budget or simply as a metaphysical minimalist. We also touch on issues of consumerism, over-reliance on fancy tools and ingredients, as well as the power of cultivating deep relationships with the things you have, from tarot decks to pendulums, and more. 

Magical Self-Care

Episode 3

In this episode, we dive deep into the wonderful world of self-care! We discuss what self-care is, the many forms it can take beyond bubble baths, and ideas for incorporating magic into self-care rituals. We share what works for us (and what doesn't!) and consider how to find magic in the everyday.

Spiritual Practices for Tough Times

Episode 4

In this episode we explore how to use practices like tarot, meditation, astrology, and more to navigate difficult, challenging, or downright strange times in life. Learn what tools we use in our personal practices and our tips for dealing with doubt, overwhelm, and fearful thinking.

Myths & Misconceptions of Metaphysical Practices

Episode 5

In this episode we tackle some myths and misconceptions about tarot, astrology, and witchcraft. Fom the old saying that you have to be gifted your first tarot deck to musings on Mercury retrograde, we give our takes on these ideas along with suggestions on how to chart your own path.

Finding Spiritual Teachers

Episode 6

In this episode we discuss how to find spiritual teachers, connect with likeminded seekers, and even how to share the knowledge you have with others. Learn some red flags to avoid, how to trust your judgment, and find the groups and teachers that are right for your path.

Ancestral Healing & Inherited Trauma with Lisa Nagel

Episode 7


Lisa Nagel is a guide, coach and intuitive helping womxn resolve and heal personal and inherited trauma, move through grief with grace and live a life of sustainable aliveness and tenderly being fully human. Join us as we discuss her work, the process of uncovering and healing inherited trauma, the importance of holding space, and using magic and other tools for a holistic healing approach.

Find Her Online:


Instagram - @wildsensitivesouls

The Magic of Embodiment with Yarrow Magdalena

Episode 8


Join us as we talk with Yarrow Magdalena of Yarrow Digital and Daydreaming Wolves about embodiment, magic, tarot, healing from trauma, and so much more. Yarrow describes herself as a queer writer, pleasure activist, body worker, celebrant and plant lover who supports soft folks in reclaiming embodiment and a connection to nature through everyday magic and ritual.

More about Yarrow

Her practices around folk herbalism, tarot, journaling, movement and creative expression are meant to support a trauma informed and accessible path towards body liberation, self-acceptance and community. In addition to running her The Magic of Embodiment membership and offering custom readings and rituals she also hosts Daydreaming Wolves – a podcast for dreamers who are into authentic conversations about healing, everyday struggles and everyday magic.

Yarrow also runs a web design + tech studio called Yarrow Digital which supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms made to hold big dreams and beautiful communities. 

Find Her Online:

Daydreaming Wolves: http://www.daydreamingwolves.com

Yarrow Digital: http://yarrowdigital.com

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yarrowmagdalena/

Tarot & Astrology Correspondences, Part 1

Episode 9

Join us as we go through the tarot correspondences for each of the signs of the zodiac. In this episode we talk about the characteristics of the sign, it's tarot card, and what the two have to say about each other. What happens when an astrologer and a tarot reader start talking? A lot! Which is why this topic is divided into two episodes: Next time, we'll be covering Libra - Pisces.

Tarot & Astrology Correspondences, Part 2

Episode 10

We're back for the second half of the zodiac, exploring the tarot connections to the signs of Libra through Pisces. Join us as we discuss the ways the signs and tarot build on each other's meanings and our takes on their pairings and more.

Practicing Magic Privately


In our first Mini-Episode we answer a listener question about how to practice magic when you can't be open about it or don't have the space to do so in a safe, accepting environment. We share our experiences, tips, and ways to sustain a practice without coming out of the broom closet.

Flower Essences with Lindsay Perry

Episode 11

Photo by Anna Carson Dewitt

Photo by Anna Carson Dewitt

Join us as we talk with herbalist, nature lover, and medicine maker Lindsay Perry of Full Flower Herbs. We dive into the beautiful world of flower essences, learning how to create, explore, and work with them, as well as Lindsay's wealth of experiences with plants. Learn about the lessons we can learn from poison ivy, which Lindsay refers to as sister ivy, and the healing magic of dance and movement that she enjoys in her personal practice.

More About Lindsay

Lindsay Perry is an herbalist, nature lover, and medicine maker based in Durham, NC. She offers small batch, intuitively crafted plant medicine, flower essence consultations, and occasional classes through her business Full Flower Herbs. Her line of tincture and elixir formulas incorporates flower essences for multi-dimensional healing. Lindsay has been practicing flower essence therapy for several years and wants to spread the plant and flower love to everyone everywhere.

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Instagram and Facebook @fullflowerherbs

Email at fullflowerherbs@gmail.com

Human Design with Willow Rising

Episode 12

Willow Rising of Human Design Magic

Join us as we dive into the power of Human Design with Willow Rising of Human Design Magic. In this episode, Willow goes over the basics of the system, its energy centers and types, as well as her personal experiences working with them. Hear how she views the empowering nature of working with Human Design, encourages others to get hands-on with interpreting their charts, and views the beauty of our spiritual differences.

More about Willow

Willow Rising offers Human Design chart readings and resources on her website Human Design Magic. She believes in the healing and transformative powers of Human Design and, after experiencing them firsthand, created her website to make its wisdom accessible and relevant to all.

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Get Your free human design chart at bit.ly/hdchart

Eclipse Season & Spiritual Surrender

Episode 13

In this episode we discuss the ins-and-outs and eclipse season and all these summer retrogrades. Part astrological exploration, part discusion on the themes of surrender, processing, and the challenges of healing, this conversation goes many places. Tune in for our two cents on the tarot card that best describes this moment (Strength) and our personal experiences of these transits.

Herbalism & Environmental Connection with Chanelle Bergeron

chanelle + verbena.JPG

Episode 14

Join us as we talk with herbalist Chanelle A. Bergeron about the power of plants, her path to herbalism, and the importance of connecting to the environment and how to become more active protecting it. Learn about Chanelle's longstanding connection to plants and her journey exploring magic, music, elements, flower essences, and more.

More About Chanelle

Chanelle A. Bergeron is a flower essence devotee, intuitive herbalist, & monitrice. When she is not in the apothecary, you will find her making improvised and atmospheric sound-collage music under the name of mille, writing poems, tending to her gardens, & submerging in the water.

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Spiritual Buzzwords

Episode 15

Bri & Gina get into some of the common spiritual buzzwords and discuss their meanings, use, and issues. Find out their takes on alignment, energy, twin flames, and more as they interrogate the importance and pitfalls of language in the spiritual community.

Tarot, Literature, & Transformation with Jameela F. Dallis

Episode 16


In this episode Bri talks with Jameela F. Dallis, PhD of Ophidian Tarot about her personal practice with the cards, her experiences as a business owner and academic, as well as the fascinating intersection of tarot and literature.

More About Jameela

ameela F. Dallis, PhD, is a scholar, poet, artist, yogini, and all-around creative who has been reading Tarot and pondering astrological charts for 18 years. Her interpretive style is intuitive, experiential, and poetic yet direct. She writes, researches, and has taught courses on the Gothic, love, and approaches to otherness in a range of literary works. She received her PhD in English from UNC-Chapel Hill and has been a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Elon University and UNC-Greensboro. She has published scholarly book chapters on the Caribbean Gothic in Shani Mootoo's work and on Tarot in fiction by Angela Carter. Jameela also makes jewelry, and officiates weddings. Visit her website, jameeladallis.com, for more information.

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Energetic Exchange & Supporting Practitioners

Episode 17

It's business time! In this episode we get real about money and spiritual services: charging for spiritual work, compensating practitioners, and some of the sticky issues and myths around it all. Among many other things, we cover: the role of the internet and social media in modern spirituality, valuing spiritual services, accessible and sustainable pricing, the myth of not charging for your 'gift,' and our personal experiences as professionals.

Intentional Imagining with Andrea Kasprzak

Episode 18


In this episode we speak with Andrea Kasprzak about her work, the process of intentional imagining, the importance of daydreams, and using magic and fantasy stories for healing.

More About Andrea

Andrea Kasprzak is the author of IMAGINATION TRANSFORMS EVERYTHING (Seal Press/Hachette Book Group), a fairy tale writer, and a daydream intuitive. She uses her background as a fantasy writer to help clients use narrative to command a life of their dreams.

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