Podcast Episodes




In this inaugural minisode you'll be introduced to us as the hosts, learn about our backgrounds, our reasons for starting Open Magic, and what to expect from the show!

This is a community-driven podcast built around the ethos of learning from one another. If you have any suggestions for episodes or want to be featured as an expert, reach out to us via our website, openmagicpodcast.com, Twitter, or Instagram! We look forward to hearing from you!

Affordable Magic


This episode is all about easily accessible and affordable magic tools & techniques. Here, we dive into our favorite ways to practice magic on a budget or simply as a metaphysical minimalist. We also touch on issues of consumerism, over-reliance on fancy tools and ingredients, as well as the power of cultivating deep relationships with the things you have, from tarot decks to pendulums, and more. 

Spiritual Practices for Tough Times

Episode 4

In this episode we explore how to use practices like tarot, meditation, astrology, and more to navigate difficult, challenging, or downright strange times in life. Learn what tools we use in our personal practices and our tips for dealing with doubt, overwhelm, and fearful thinking.

Reclaiming Intention Setting


In this episode we dive into the wild and wonderful world of intention setting, exploring how we can use mindful intentions in our magical practices. We explore the intersection of intentions and planning and discuss ways to sidestep guilt and pressure. And finally, we share our intention-setting practices through the use of sigils, meditation, and spell work.

Magical Self-Care

Episode 3

In this episode, we dive deep into the wonderful world of self-care! We discuss what self-care is, the many forms it can take beyond bubble baths, and ideas for incorporating magic into self-care rituals. We share what works for us (and what doesn't!) and consider how to find magic in the everyday.

Myths & Misconceptions of Metaphysical Practices

Episode 5

In this episode we tackle some myths and misconceptions about tarot, astrology, and witchcraft. Fom the old saying that you have to be gifted your first tarot deck to musings on Mercury retrograde, we give our takes on these ideas along with suggestions on how to chart your own path.